VIP Red Rope - I Don't Do Lines

Red Rope Syndrome

It’s late night at a swanky little party with a swanky little theme and everyone is a VIP. No, literally everyone at this party is a very important person. This

VIP to Plane - I Don't Do Lines

5 Must Haves When Buying VIP

Are you planning on buying VIP tickets to an event? The next time you are planning to enjoy a night out with a special someone or a group of friends

Chalice Festival… VIP Review

Did you get to attend Chalice Festival?  IDDL did and we got the chance to be a part of this one of a kind festival and see what it was all about.  While we did not get VIP passes, whomp whomp, we did get a chance to witness all the VIP perks and will briefly talk about our experience.

A Piece of Mind… Not a Piece of Mine…

Have you ever wondered what you really pay for with Great VIP Service? Well, it just so happens that I would love to explain that to you. There’s a motto

Is VIP Worth It?

  This is such a good question… And while the answer may seems easier than you may think it is, I am going to add a different spin on it. Time

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